Olivia Street

Master Designer



  • Schooling through high school in New Zealand
  • Apprenticed for hair in Aukland, New Zealand
  • Cosmetology course at Wilfred’s – Broadway, Manhattan in 1969
  • Associates Degree, followed by intermittent courses in Miami, Aukland – both in sociology, psychology, and healing arts




I have spent 27 years with Terry and Suzanne Back at High Tech Salon & Spa. I chose to stay part of this visionary journey because of their loving and positive dedication to bringing in the newest ideas, education, technologies and products to both salon employees and our wonderful clientele. We are truly a fabulous salon in the ‘middle of nowhere’, drawing guests from all over Virginia and Washington, D.C.. Plus we have an incredible client retention rate, so obviously something’s working! I stay mostly booked with cut & color clients (thanks to you all!) and when home, my hobbies are one-of-a-kind stained glass pieces with shells and crystals, yoga, hiking, boating, and jewelry making.